Demon - Kristina Douglas Michael Fassbender as Azazeal from the series Hex I adored that series, and once I saw that Azazel is the H in this one... Well it just had me squeeling all over This book was SO much better than the first one! The story's better, I connected to the characters from the very beginning :) The story is about Azazel fighting his destiny, the awfull prophecy that says he will bond and mate with the demon Lilith and rule over Hell. So he finds Lilith in order to kill her. But one thing he didn't expect, Lilith is in the form of a human woman, and she has no memories of herself or her past. Eventually, he finds he can't kill her, and leaves her alone. After some time, the fallens agree they need to find Lilith/Rachel in order to discover the burial place of Lucifer, and Azazeal is forced to cross paths with her again...They had a really great story, Rachel was such a great character, very well developed, and I felt for her throughout the novel. Azazel is basically a jerk, he doesn't want to admit to himself that they have a connection, and he constantly tries to kill her and then save her This book would've got 5 stars from me, really, it was that good, untill that one part when Azazeal acts like a complete bastard, jerk, heartless pr*ck, and leaves Rachel to something so awfull I would NEVER EVER forgive him for it, and of course she did , and it bothered me, not the fact that she forgave him, he's the hero after all, but the fact thet he didn't perticularlly suffer for it. I would expect some high pennance for it :P maybe castration or something and it just killed my liking for his character. I won't say what it is so not to ruin anything for you :DAnyway, on to the next book, Michael - YUM