A Garden Folly (Country House Party, #1) - Candice Hern This was a very sweet read about a duke pretending to be a gardener and trying to win the heart of one woman by making her love only him, not his title The Duke of Carlisle is rumored to be ...touched in the head But he is in fact a botanist, often spending his time in his garden and avoiding society as much as he can. Stephen can afford to be excentric of course, being the only eligible duke in the kingdom. His mother organises a country party, but he refuses to attend, forcing her to tell everyone he's not in residence.Catherine Forsythe is very poor, she and her sister are living with their aunt and barely surviving. So when the invitation for the Carlisle party arrives, it's in the right time, now both sisters can try and find themselves rich husbands :)It all doesn't go according to plan as you might suppose, Catherine stumbles upon a man in the gardens and thinks he's the head gardener It's, of course, Stephen. They form a friendship through a mutual love for flowers, they meet in the gardens every day and slowly fall in love It's all well untill she tells him she's here to catch a rich husband, she doesn't want to be poor anymore. Stephen (being duke almost all his life and hating the fact everyone wants him only for his money) regards her with contempt as if that wasn't what every single woman in the Marriage Mart had in mind. Gah he really frustrated me there and that's the only reason this is going to be a 4 star read. But still, they work it out in the end (which was hilarious, bad, bad Stephen, I'd kill him if he put me through something like that )Anyway, having read all CH's books I have to say I adore her, she really does romance well, I love her style of writing, it seems so authentic and although she doesn't write extreme hot sex scenes, I don't really mind at all :) The story is great and that's what captures me :)