Wilder - Christina Dodd I LOVED the Darkness Chosen series. I LOVED the first 4 books of The Chosen Ones series. But this one was just a little weird for me, the ending a bit too sugary for my taste. Well the first thing - The cover is MAJOR false advertising! Aleksandr is covered in hair for like 85-90 percent of the book! And when I say covered in hair, I mean - half animal :OAfter waiting months for the ending of this series, I guess I anticipated the story to go in some other direction... Actually, the story itself was ok, but the most that bothered me was that the hero was part animal during the whole book. Ok I get it, if the heroine finds him sexy that's ok? No it's not, atleast not for me. Sorry, I'm not into hairy guys, but I could live with that if he wasn't also half animal. So, those two having sex, hmmm, not a big turn-on for me. Too bad, I kinda liked them before, and I wish Charisma could have had a relationship with Aleksandr himself, knowing it was him, and him being atleast somewhat normal. And I kinda expected that the Guardian/Aleksandr discovery would have some shock to it you know, an impact, a reaction like: "Woooow, you're Aleksandr :O :O :O *shocked gasp* " Instead it was: "Hmm maybe you're Alekandr. We'll see once you remember more." :PThe main story was good, like the others, a bit of explaining from the previous books but that was ok since I waited months to read this one and kinda forgot all the details :) Loved seeing the characters from both series together