Platinum - Jeffe Kennedy This had potential.HAD!I am very sorry to say that I didn't like this book. It wasn't THAT bad, but it certainly wasn't good either.The StoryWhat? Where was it? I didn't see it! There was an introudction to the characters, and then sex, kinky and lots of it. You'd think that was a recipe for great? Not so much.So, let me tell you something about the "story" here.Althea Grant owns an art gallery and is having money problems. Steel (yes, only Steel, like Madonna) enters, offers her 10000 dollars to rent a space below the gallery where he could work on his sculptures.She accepts. He asks her to be his model (he does erotic art). She refuses. And this is chapter one!In chapter two she goes down in the basement and models for him. He asks her to dump his boyfriend for him. After having two conversations together. She, of course, dumps the boyfriend. Chapters three to twelve - they have kinky bdsm sex.The CharactersThe characterisation was done VERY badly. For one, I didn't connect to them AT ALL, and for two, they bots seemed stupid and unlikeable. I may be harsh, but I just didn't like them at all.AltheaAlthea does one bad choice after another in this book.She meets a man, is attracted to him (OK that is understandable), but she basically doesn't know ANYTHING about him, and she accepts to rent him space right below her gallery, in the same building she lives in. They talk two times, he asks her to dump her boyfriend for him ( ) she does it ( ) and in the same evening she accepts to be owned sexually by Steel and accepts to do whatever he wants with her (getting tied up, spanked, beaten, chained and doing a blowjob to a metal statue, and many other stuff I can't remember but all of it kinky), and all of it after only TWO CONVERSATIONS and without even knowing the man whatsoever!Good decision Althea!!! SteelYou know when a character is a jerk but you still end up loving him?This didn't happen here for me.Steel is a total jerk, totally unbelievable as a character, claiming he is obsessed with her and has to have her (modeling, slaving, whatever) after seeing her only once. OK I get it, he's probably being led by his d*ck, but still. On their second meet he tells her he doesn't poach on another man's property and asks her to dump her boyfriend for him. Some of the language he used and said to her... It wasn't hot, it was crude. I like dirty talk, but this was just tacky I didn't get the feel he was a Dom, oh no. He just liked to do kinky stuff to her, and boy did he do it!There was even a scene where she used her safeword because he just couldn't control himself and went too far.And I'm supposed to like him?? No thanks.The SexIt wasn't written that badly, some of it was hot, but it just felt wrong because the people concerned were unlikeable.BUT, if you want to read some very kinky sexy times without caring for the characters, then you *might* like it. Me?*ARC courtesy of Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*