My Serbian Wolf - Charisma Knight THIS IS THE BEST WORST BOOK IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE AND BEYOND!!!It deserves a genre of it's own! Something like:Ridiculously stupid badly written books that will make you laugh and maybe vomit a littleShort as: RSBWBTWMYLAMVALI think I'll be making a shelf just for this one, it freaking deserves it!I honestly don't remember when have I last read something so badly written. It's just THAT terrible!You know, reading this, it seems easy to write a book about a country you have absolutely no idea about. What's the easiest way for the book to seem Serbian? Well add the word "Serbian" a lot! For example:Beautiful snow capped mountains adorned the Serbian landscape...Feeling defeated, she peered at the Serbian landscape...The harsh Serbian elements caused her to shudder....the enchanting light of the mystical full Serbian moon...The candles continued their hypnotic dance as the Serbian night air filtered through the window.That's the way to make it convincing!!!Why bother with research about Serbian history?BUTCHER IT!No one will know anyway...Why bother with the right Serbian language translations?BUTCHER THAT TOO!Who's gonna know? Well everyone who goes to google translate, but that's not the point!Why bother giving the heroine an actual name?BUTCHER THE POOR WOMAN TOO!She's called Žena Vuk, which means Woman Wolf. That's a f*cking description, NOT a name! Maybe it would work with Tarzan, you know, I Tarzan, you Jane. But the characters here seemed a bit more intelligent than monkeys.And BTW, she's Egyptian, and Žena Vuk is definitely NOT an Egyptian name, well it isn't even a name but it's beside the point!Why bother with researching Serbian names? INVENT YOUR OWN FREAKY NAME that didn't ever exist in Serbia!Who's gonna know????THIS BOOK IS JUST BEYOND WORDS!UTTERLY BADLY WRITTENTERRIBLY STUPIDSOMETIMES DISGUSTING AND DISTURBINGBUTI LAUGHED MY ASS OFF! I CRIED LIKE AN IDIOT BY HOW MUCH I WAS LAUGHING!IT'S SO STUPID, IT'S SAD AND FUNNY!Ok no more caps I promise :DDDDDDDDI won't tell you about the story in the book, it's totally idiotic as it is. Here are some qoutes, I just had to put them here :D ...“I will not warn you again to still your tongue. Defy me once more, and you shall feel the wrath of my temper!”Zena Vuk stifled her emotions to appear strong within the eyes of her mate. Silver eyes pierced her soul, and her pussy clenched in anticipation. Hot cream flooded her silk panties when Niko finally came into full view, snatching her breath away like a thief in the night.“You are freezing. Allow me to warm you.” Niko reached out, touching her cold flesh while observing the chattering of her teeth.“You can warm me with your body, and your seed.” "Arrgggh, Zena Vuk. I’m afraid there are times when I’m on the brink of insanity!” Niko bowed his head and sighed. He then looked up to the heavens in question at his existence. “Tell me, what am I to do now?”“Don’t! This is my favorite nightgown,” Rebecca whispered in a choked and non convincing voice. In truth, she wanted him to rip the fabric from her body and claim her with the most savage passion a man could claim his mate.Her full breasts were exposed, and her nipples stood erect like little milk chocolate morsels.“Oh my God, I’m so wet for you.” Rebecca strained beneath his weight.“I know. My mouth waters for your sugar coated sweetness.”“I will be inside you soon enough. Even when you beg me to stop, I will not. I shall continue fucking you until you scream my name a thousand times over.”“I need to taste you! Quench my thirst with your sweet nectar. I’m going to devour you, and make you scream until you become hoarse. Even if you beg for mercy, I will never cease my pleasuring you.” "Her pussy gripped her hard, wanting seed to fill it to the brim."NO YOU DO NOT!!!In an instant, he grasped Rebecca around the waist, filling her with his needful cock. “ZENA VUK, YOU BURN ME WITH YOUR JUICES.”She gasped as she realized her mate was somewhere between man and beast. At first, she could barely understand his words.When she rolled over on her stomach, he coaxed her onto all fours where he filled her to the hilt. His mighty balls slapped against her hot, sweaty body, and his grip tightened around her waist.“Niko!” Rebecca bit her lip, savoring the pained pleasure. “Don’t stop.Fuck me in your beast form!”“Are you sure in what you say? The beast will fuck you hard, and without mercy.”Nicholai glanced at Rebecca and smiled. He ran his fingers through his hair in an odd, familiar way. He removed his glasses, and stared into her soul.Her pussy clenched with desire as his moans filtered through her ears. Damn, his voice was so husky, and tinged with underlying sexual tones. “I’m hungry for you, now!” His eyes burrowed deep into Rebecca’s soul. “Basement or bedroom? Decide now or I shall take you here in the kitchen.”“That’s right, Becca. Grind that pussy against me, honey. I want you to baptize me in your juices!”“Harder! Ride it like you own it!”“I do own it, and don’t you ever forget it!”“That’s my baby. That’s what Nicholai wants to hear. Turn around, beautiful. Allow me to see that ass bouncing up and down while you ride me.”To Rebecca, Nicholai’s balls looked as though they would burst at any moment.That's it.There are more but I couldn't find gifs for them and I gave up hahahahahahahhahahahhahahhaV! Thanks for letting me read this with you!Rain! Woman you're the best! Thanks for letting me know of this book in the first place!And people! If you want to laugh like you never laughed before, read this! But at your own risk!!!!btw if you want to know something more and detailed about the book, check out these reviews :DRAINVISHOUSZRINKA