The Train of Arousal - James Lusarde Two strangers on a train, seducing each other only with words...Well, this is pretty much unlike anything I've read do far :D And I loved it! This was a short book, the theme is seduction only with words. And what a seduction it was! The story is about a woman on a train, searching for the perfect man...She sees someone, perfect for what she needs, and makes the first move.The characters, we don't really know who they are. They've just met, and spend the train ride seducing one another.The dialogue - wow it was so, so good! It's like a battle, an erotic battle, they talk about ordinary things that turn out sexual some way , and I just can't really say anything else other than that you should read it to see it ‘I like to talk. You might have noticed.’‘I like to listen. You might have noticed.’‘I like a man who listens. It’s romantic.’‘I like a woman who talks. It’s arousing.’‘There’s something I want to do with you,’ I smiled.‘I was hoping you would say something like that.’I often read short books so I'm used to them, but then, I often wish for them to be longer, as it is in this case The writing is just wonderful , and I'd like to know more about the characters, and although I understand the book and what the woman was doing, I still wanted something MORE to happen. I guess that's the point, right? If a seduction is done right, you'll be left wanting more and more, and boy, I really do! "Life should be full of moments like this, I thought to myself. Life should be one long blissful experience."And bringing the cup with you to the train Excellent idea!*Review copy kindly provided by the Author for an honest review*