Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren OK, Where do I start with this one?First, I won't be rating this book. I simply don't know how to do it. It's totally and utterly ridiculous but I still laughed like crazy through most of it The sad part is, those scenes weren't funny I don't know what's worse, the writing or the story. Well, since the story is non-existent, I guess the writing wins The dialogues between them... Oh Lord... I cried actual tears by how much I was laughing XD I'm kind of sorry this was an ARC and I'm not allowed to post any quotes, but BOY, I'm tempted! Some were brilliantly stupid!The main guy is THE BOSS, he does everything like the boss, he's a total bastard and they hate each other. The heroine is an intern. They fight a lot. The rest of the time they just f*ck like rabbits.Back to the story... I guess the story is to show how many times a couple can f*ck in a book without them actually having a conversation. Chemistry is non-existent. Absolutely. In the first scene between them they somehow manage to f*ck and it goes on and on and on... His obsession with her panties..The ending was overly sentimental and sweet and I just wanted to get it over withSo, even though I found this absolutely ridiculous, I still had a great time laughing at almost everything in the book It didn't kill me dead, it made my evening And the question is, how to rate something stupid that you enjoyed reading?You don't. At least I won't. So I'll just leave a review thank you very much :DOh, all through the book it was constantly reminded that he's her boss and there were a lot of scenes in the company, and I just couldn't get this song out of my head! It works great with the hero mwahahahahahahahahahahahahSong=> V... Thanks for this gem :D*ARC courtesy by Gallery Books via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review*