The Lady Risks All - Stephanie Laurens "As for the way he moved, and that drawl . . . quite what manner of man he was she wasn’t sure, but a single glance into that chiseled face, at those well-set dark eyes steadily regarding her, at his patriarchal nose and sharply cut jaw, was enough to assure her that he wasn’t manageable. More, that he was dangerous, on multiple levels and in complex ways."This was a wonderful romance, and I have to say I really enjoyed it :) It's pretty slow with the story and the romance part too, but it still made me sigh and love it all, mostly because the writing is really wonderful :)The storyAfter the disappearance of her brother Roderick, Miranda Clifford goes to ask for help from London's gambling king, and her neighbor, Neville Roscoe.He is a dangerous man, but one with connections in the underground, and she is prepared to face scandal if it could help her brother.After getting a lead on the kidnappers, Neville and Miranda start on a pursuit across England, one that will bring them closer to Roderick, and closer to each other.Well, since I've read practically everything by this author, I'm pretty much used to her writing style, and in this one it seems even better than in her older books :)The story really was slow, and if you're used to something more dynamic, you'll probably find this boring :D but if you like to read just for enjoying the era and the romance, you'll probably like it like I did :))The mystery was really good, it kept me wondering for a long time, and I'm glad they weren't too stupid to figure out who the bad guy was :D"She’d taken up residence in his heart—at times it felt as if she WAS his heart, the way that organ responded to her, especially to her being in danger. Protecting her wasn’t a duty, it was a compulsion, one he knew would never leave him."Miranda and RoscoeThey are a lovely couple, and of course, an impossible one, because a gambling king couldn't possibly have anything to do with a lady :DRoscoe has a secret that he's hiding from the world, one that he shows to Miranda on their journey, and I was happy when that happened, because it showed what kind of person he was and everything he's prepared to do to protect the ones he loves :))Miranda is a good character, even though sometimes she got on my nerves with some of the things she did LOL but overall she's pretty great, and I just loved what she did in the end, perfect :))))))If you like a slow-building story and romance, I totally recommend this one :)