Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon Well, this is the first book from the Dark Hunter series, and I have to say there wasn't any dark-hunting in this one XD As is with all the first books, we get to see the introduction in this whole new world the author created (Greek gods! I mean - YUMMY!) I was always fascinated with mithology, and this one is right up my alley :)Julian is a half-god, cursed in a book to be a love-slave through eternity. He is immortal, and has been cursed for two thousand years (!!!). One night, Grace and her friend get drunk and they summon him. Although he is here for only one reason - to give her pleasure, Grace doesn't want to have meaningless sex with a stranger, but still, they create some good fireworks together XD I felt really bad for Julian, the way he grew up was horrible, and he was used as a sex slave for centuries. He doesn't believe he deserves love, to a point he actually thinks no one can ever love him. But he meets Grace and they form a friendship. She is the first female who is not guided just by his penis XD She actually wants to know him better, and when she does, she begins to fall in love with him. But the bi*ch of it all is the curse, it can only be broken if they don't have sex during the month he gets to be free. Yup. But there are lots of sexy scenes, don't worry XD I liked this a lot, even though it wouldn't have killed the author to insert some more story/action in this one. It basically revolved around the fact that they want to have sex but can't XD But I guess it's ok considering it's the first of the series, we got to see some of the Olympian gods, and it was left open for another character (Julian's only friend from the past heheh can't wait to read about him).