One Good Earl Deserves a Lover - Sarah MacLean *full review now posted*“I am going to ruin you, Pippa. I shall show you pleasure you’ve never known, the kind you’ve never dreamed. Over and over and over until you beg me never to stop.”This book was all about temptation and sexual tension The storyLady Philippa Marbury is engaged to be married, and has a terrible problem. She doesn't know the mechanics of the marriage bed Scientific person that she is, she finds that the only solution is research. Thorough research And the best person to help her study it is Mr. Cross, co-owner of The Fallen Angel, a man known for his prowess and skill in the bedroom Cross, on the other hand, has absolutely no intention of helping her, she's too much of a temptation to him, and even one touch could dissintegrate all his walls and defences. Too bad for him, Pippa is very, very persistent “You should know better than to reach into the darkness, Pippa,” he said softly, the sound of her name familiar on his lips. “You never know what you might find.”CrossCo-owner of The Fallen Angel, extremely intelligent, an ex-rogue, and a man with a powerful title that he'd disavowed, Cross thinks Phillipa is a madwoman. What sane person would come to his rooms at a notorious gambling house asking him for her ruination? That's the last thing he needs, especially considering the strange effect that madwoman has on him. Showing Pippa about passion is something he can't do, because it awakens his own, but at the same time, allowing anyone else to show her is unacceptable as well. So the best he can do is show her whet he can, without touching And can I just say, that man is unbelievably good with words every scene with them was full of sparks, tension all over, and WOW! The first lesson Loved Cross as a character, he's very smart, and with his secret from the past, I couldn't help but feel bad for him, and everything that happened. He doesn't want to be close to Pippa, doesn't want to corrupt and ruin her, and I just loved him for it, trying to make amends His gaze darkened, and a muscle leapt in his jaw. “This is all there is, Pippa. I won’t touch you. I won’t ruin you.” “I’m ruined, whether you touch me or not.”“No. If I don’t touch you, you’re safe.”“And if I don’t wish to be safe?”“I’m afraid you haven’t a choice.”“It’s because I am odd.” And then she looked up at him with those enormous blue eyes, and said, “I can’t help it.”God help him, he wanted to kiss her senseless, odd or not. He wanted to kiss her senseless because she was odd.PippaShe's intelligent, a scientist, and thinks through everything before she acts. She doesn't like dishonesty, and is sometimes brutal with sharing her opinions Soon to be married, Pippa is uneasy with what awaits her, because she doesn't understand it, and seeks help in a most unusual way Cross is reluctant to help her, but she is reluctant to give up and with his help, she'll find out what exactly temptation is, and that she doesn't have it with her fiancé, but with her teacher Pippa, I just loved her! One of the best HR heroines I've read You never know what might come out of her mouth, but whatever it is, it's not what you'd expect love the way she always confused Cross, and he couldn't keep up with her train of thought and at the end, what she did! Oh yes, very glad by how it all turned out, mostly because of her “Do not tempt the lion,” he said, the words brushing across her lips, parting them with their touch. “For he most certainly will bite.”So my verdict: I loved this! The characters were great, and the book was simmering with heat and tension The only thing that was lacking was the subplot (Knight) and the ending was a bit too sweet (but that's just my problem) Still, a wonderful romance, Pippa and Cross were beautiful together and this book has the most sensual scene I've ever read in a HR! So don't miss it!*ARC courtesy of Avon via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review*