A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean “I am too imperfect for you,” he whispered at her temple.“You are perfectly imperfect for me.”I just... I love this book. I love the cover. I love the writing; every single sentence. I enjoyed reading it. I love the plot, oh yes, no better plot than revenge. I love the characters, both of them. But most of all; I love you Sarah MacLean Gimme more books like these “You have my land, Penelope,” he whispered at her ear, the sound low and liquid and altogether too distracting even as it sent tremors of anxiety spiraling through her, “and I want it back.”She shook her head, eyes closed as he wreaked havoc on her senses. “I can’t give it to you.”He stroked one hand down her arm in a long, lovely caress, taking her wrist in his firm, warm clasp. “No, but I can take it.”The storyMichael, Marquess of Bourne, lost all he ever had one night in a game of cards. And that night his life made a turn, toward one goal: Revenge. Now a powerful man, co-owner of London's most famous gaming hell, he's prepared to do anything to accomplish his goal, even marry his childhood friend, Lady Penelope Marbury. To up her chance in getting married, Penelope's father increased her dowry, with Michael's lost estate. She doesn't really want to get married, well, she does, but out of love. After learning about the dowry, she goes for a walk in the old estate, and comes across Michael But soon her happiness evaporates when said man abducts her and decides to ruin her reputation enough so that she'd have no other choice but to marry him “You’re thinking again.”She was. She was thinking he was magnificent. “I can’t help it.” She shook her head, reaching for him.“Then I am not doing it correctly.”Oh dear. If he kissed her any more correctly, her sanity would be threatened.BourneI still like the name Michael better