Devil's Bride: Number 1 in series (Bar Cynster) - Stephanie Laurens Framing her jaw, Devil lifted her face, looked down on pale cheeks, at eyes awash with tears, then he bent his head and kissed her set lips. "You'll never lose me," he whispered. "I'll never leave you."One of my favorite historicals This is the introduction to the Cynster family (and what a family it is ). I was actually re-reading this one, so it was kind of funny to see all those men and women who'll get their own books :) Most of the time, I was like: Oh look, that's Vane, I love his book! OMG Scandal! He's so awesome! Amanda and Amelia - love them! And then Demon! My favorite So by the time I finished this book, I knew I simply HAD to re-read all of them The story - Rushing home to avoid a thunderstorm, Honoria stumbles upon a dying young man. While trying to help him, she hears a rider approaching. A mysterious (absolutely gorgeous ) man helps her take care of the wounded fellow, carrying him to the nearest woodsman cottage. They soon discover the young man was shot, and that he's a cousin to her mysterious (absolutely gorgeous) guy. They spend the night in the cottage."Trapped in her nightmare, she shuddered. She gulped down a sob, only to have another rise in its place.Watching her, Devil felt a sharp ache twist through his chest. The tears welled from beneath her lids, gathered, then rolled slowly, steadily, down her cheeks.His gut clenched. Hard. Gently, he tipped up her face. She didn't wake; the tears continued to fall.He couldn't stand it. Devil bent his head and set his lips to hers."The next morning, they are found in a compromising position by the local neighbours (and by compromising I mean just the fact that they spent the night in the same room, nothing actually happened :D ) so the logical thing is to announce their engagement . Honoria only then discovers that her companion was non other than Sylvester Sebastian Cynster, the sixth Duke of St. Ives, known by others as Devil Devil is intent on making Honoria his duchess, but she constantly refuses, she doesn't want to marry anyone, especially not a piratical autocrat (her words XD) like Devil.So basically, they work together to find Tolly's (the dead guy) murderer, the rest of the time Devil tries to convince Honoria she should marry him, and Honoria tries to seduce Devil and find out more about passion Devil "You, my lord, are the most arrogant, overbearing, high-handed, tyrannical, dictatorial despot it has ever been my misfortune to meet."Devil raised a brow. "You forgot autocratic."Enough said XDXD Devil is a duke, the head of his family, and used to issuing orders. His view of the world is basically: Me man, you woman. Me does everything, you stays home and embroiders. Too bad for him, he's found a woman he can't control, and maybe that's a part of her appeal :) From the first they meet, he knows she'll be his duchess, the only point left was for her to accept, and he does everything he can to make it happen And now that I think of it, Devil's the only Cynster who wants to get married right from the start. I think all the others pretty much ran like hell from marriage XDXD Anyway, I ADORE him, he's one of my favorite characters "On the beast's back sat a man to match the horse, black-clad shoulders blocking out the twilight, dark mane wild, features harsh—satanic.Her heart in her throat, Honoria lifted her gaze to the rider's face—and met his eyes. Even in the dimness, she was sure of their color. Pale, lucent green, they seemed ancient, all-seeing. Large, set deep under strongly arched black brows, they were the dominant feature in an impressively strong face. Their glance was penetrating, mesmerizing—unearthly. In that instant, Honoria was sure that the devil had come to claim one of his own. And her, too."Honoria She is very adventurous, not afraid to do what was needed to make her point, or discover something that would lead to their murderer. Not even Devil can make her bow down to his will. She doesn't want to get married, to anyone, and has to constantly remind Devil of that fact BUT, he can be very persuasive, and Honoria soon discovers passion and desire through Devil's kisses, and she wants more ( ) I just have to say that I loved her when she stood up to Devil, after the debacle with the tavern. She had a strong f-ing reason, and she wouldn't let it go, no matter how angry and strong-willed Devil was. YAY to her There were just two things I didn't like in this book The bad guy is obvious. Too obvious. So obvious, you know who it is even before he appears. And when he appears it's just cemented that he's the bad guy. Honoria's surname. So help me God, I don't want to hear/see that name ever again in my life. I don't know how many times it was repeated in the book, but it was just too damn much. BTW, it's Honoria Prudence Anstruther-WetherbyOh, and one more thing, here's for Stephanie Laurens and her writing, especially the love scenes (oh she knows how to write pantie-melters)