Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout “I have a strange idea that I should test this out.”“Test what?” My eyes dropped to his lips. I felt myself sway.“I think you would like to know.” He moved closer, his hand sliding up my arm and resting carefully at the nape of my neck.Well, now I know why this series is so popular :)It took me one scene, meeting Daemon, to completely fall in love with him/the book. And it just got better and better! I literally couldn't stop reading and ended up finishing it in the same day I started.Well that says a lot :))-Here's something you need to know about the STORY-Katy and her mom move to Vest Virginia after her father's death, and she meets her gorgeous, irritatingly rude neighbor Daemon.The tension between them is incredible, but with Daemon acting like a jerk, they end up fighting most of the time, and the other times are just swoony as hell!!!!Since Daemon behaves terribly toward Katy, and his sister Dee forces him to be nicer to her, which leads to some very very nice scenes like car-washing, swimming in the lake, the swing scene (*sigh*), the kitchen scene and well basically every scene where Daemon and Katy are together (and there are a LOT of those)One night Daemon saves Katy from a terrible accident and she realises he's not what he seems, he is in fact - an alien!The laptop scene... No comment to that, you just have to read it ;)The ending was awesome, action packed, but also emotional and sweet. And funny. Well it was everything!!! -The romance-*sigh*Well, first thing you need to know is that with Daemon, hearing something romantic come out of his mouth is practically impossible, even though he had his wonderful moments which I treasured because they were rare :DBut it was all still there, even though he behaves like a jerk to her, he's still protective, and man, that made some amazingly swoony scenes in here