The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie -  Jennifer Ashley “Is this what love feels like?” he whispered to her. “I don’t like it, my Beth. It hurts too much.”This is one of the best books I've read. This is one of the best historicals I've read. This book has one of the best heroes I've ever read. This book has one of the best heroines I've read. This book has a fantastic story. This book has made me love two women. This book made me love four men. This book made me want to read five books at the same time. This book is in my heart and it will never go out. “Your being with me makes it stop. It’s like the Ming bowls—when I touch them and feel them, everything stops. Nothing matters. You are the same. That is why I brought you here, to keep you with me, where you can please make ... everything ... stop.”The storyIan decides to save a widow from an unfortunate marriage, and ends up proposing to her in the same evening. She is something fascinating to him, and he wants to have her.The widow is Beth, who recently became an heiress, and is extremely attracted to Ian. Still, she declines and goes to Paris. Ian, of course, follows her :DIn Paris, Beth meets Ian's brother Mac and his wife Isabella, who are separated. Isabella takes Beth under her wing and decides to do a bit of matchmaking :DAt the same time, a detective is investigating a murder that leads to Ian, and he does everything he can to prove it.Beth can't stop thinking about Ian, and after some time, she proposes they have an affair. She knows he can't fall in love with her, but can she keep herself from falling in love with him?“I am incapable of love. I will not offer it to you.” Beth wondered what was more heartbreaking, the words themselves or the flat tone of voice with which he delivered them.Now, these are just the happenings in the book. The REAL story is Ian. How everyone sees him, how he sees himself, his terrible past, and his love affair with Beth. I can't say how much I loved it. Ian changes so much through the book, it's amazing! I loved the rest of the story too, the murder mistery was interesting and I couldn't guess who did it until the end, although I had my suspicions on who DIDN'T do it pretty early :DThis was a slow build, introduction to a lot of characters that will have their own books, and it was done SO WELL that I wanted to start those books while I was reading this one! I seriously can't wait to read them all, I know I won't stop until I finish this series.The writing style is GREAT, easy to read, although I noticed some modern expressions. The sex was hot, even though one scene (and that is my only objection with the book) did seem weird for a historical, as in, the first I've read where the heroine does a blow job, and she swallows. It wouldn't be that weird if it was an experienced widow in question, but she's never done it, and she wants to swallow? Anyway it may have been hotter if it wasn't described by her writing it down in her diary. Seriously not hot.About the modern expressions, I think Ian at one point said that "she went down on him" :D I really don't think they said that back then :D Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't know...But ok, like I said, my only objection, everything else in the book was fabulous and I absolutely loved it