Bunnies and Batteries - Angelina Rain "She’d never had anything shoved in her rear extremities, but if he were doing the sticking Grace doubted she would mind."This is a short story about trying some sex products with a little help from a neighbor ahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahahhahhah...she had no idea how to experiment with the condoms. The condom box read extra large, but her fingers were long and thin, so she couldn’t glove them with the latex rubbers.---Glancing out the window, she studied the blond hunk as he played with his wood.---“Oh, yeah,” she moaned. “Oh, fuck my pussy.”“Oh, fuck me. Make that cunt beg.”---He knew he should leave. Knew it was wrong to stand there, uninvited. Yet, Clay couldn’t tear his gaze away. He watched, mouth agape, with his hand in his shorts.---"He bit her butt cheek. “Do you want me to shove those beads up your ass?”Oh, yes!“Tell me how much you want it."“I want it,” she begged.*Buddy read with Shelly :D This was fun!!***btw, thank you Vishous for this gem ahahhahahahhahah**