Maybe Baby (Baby Series, #1) - Andrea  Smith This book made me:-have fun-burst out laughing-roll my eyes-stare in shock at my e-reader-mutter to myself-roll my eyes a bit more-get absolutely disgusted with one character-actually skip reading some sex scenes-roll my eyes just a bit more-get frustrated because of the main characters-have fun (yes, it's worth mentioning again)Three star reviews are a bit tricky to write, because while I didn't love the book, I can't say I hated it. This was somewhere in the middle, I've read it, had fun, but that's pretty much it. Some things bugged me too much for me to go higher with the rating, unfortunately.First, I want you to meet Trey :DHe looks like this:He talks like this guy here:And acts like this:OK my fun bit is over LOLWhat I liked about Trey:He's a super-bossy millionaire dude, hot as hell, I liked him with Tylar (most of the time), but yeah I even liked it when he was a jerk :DDDHe's a bit too posessive, but I kinda liked that too :DWhat I didn't like about Trey:He talks like he just came out of a historical novel, and he was the duke or the earl character. He doesn't behave/talk like a man of 30, more like 50, and in a stuck-up sort of way.I mean, I don't think people really talk like that in RL. Maybe in books, but the things he says in normal conversation? Seriously? And especially during the sex scenes. Who talks like that? Anyway, I just couldn't blend the two together, he's supposed to be a young hot guy, but yeah, even though he's a lawyer, he's a person too, he doesn't have to talk lawyerish while having sex for goodness sake :((((Meet Tylar:What I liked about her:Well, she was fun to read because she said and did some crazy stuff, most of the comedy in this book came from her :D I felt bad for her, because of the mom stuff, and yeah, loved most of the scenes with her and Trey :)What I didn't like about her:She behaves pretty childishly in the book. And I mean really pretty childishly. She talks to Trey over the phone and hears a female voice in the background and she throws her cellphone across the room.O.oThat's just one scene, but there are a lot of those, basically, nothing was dealt with like adults would - talking about it. No, every time there has to be a fight and breaking up and big drama :DThat may work for drama lovers, I'm just not one of them.The psycho Mom:She's a b*tch and soooooo terrible!!!OMG. Just awful.And a hint - sometimes something can be disturbing without actually seeing every damn detail about it. Like in horrors, you get more afraid when you don't know what it is.Here, we got to see just how much the mom was "eww", and it killed the mood for me while reading the book. I didn't need to see that much ickyness.BUT!I guess it all explains why Tylar is the way she is, poor girl, so it had to be there. I just wish (again) that is wasn't so damn detailed :(Overall:What worked for me:The length. I really don't mind it being this long. Yeah, shocker :DTrey and Tylar went through a lot of stuff and the length just helped there. Although, there might have been a few unnecessary scenes, but oh well :)The humor. I had fun, and this book had me bursting out laughing at a couple of scenes, so yeah :DThe story. It was good, can't say I have any objection with anything that happened and how the story progressed.It was emotional, sweet, funny, and I liked it :)What didn't work for me:The writing. This is what I struggled with most, and I don't know if it's just because it's a debut, maybe the author has changed her style a bit, or maybe it's just the way it is, period. It's a bit too descriptive, and I don't mean descriptive as talking about what one is wearing or something. It's actually describing every facial expression, every emotion, the mood, everything.I couldn't get the feeling a scene was romantic because the heroine literally says the scene is romantic. Or sad, or intense. She actually says: this is so intense, this is romantic and so on. I'd rather I get to feel the intensity in what they do or say, than just her telling me it is so. I mentioned before, the dialogue felt weird to me because I just couldn't imagine anyone talking the way those two talked. I just couldn't. Maybe it's because I'm not English, but it all sounded too official.The sex. Definitely didn't work for me :(( I actually skipped a few scenes, they weren't sensual for me, and I don't know. Just too many descriptions of what they're doing and what goes in where.Maybe this feels like a rant, but it isn't. Basically, my biggest problem was that I couldn't get into the writing style, and that's why 3 stars for this.If I liked the style or if it was different, it would be 4 or 5 for sure. But overall I did like the book, I had fun and definitely don't regret reading it :))*A copy of the book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*