Dark Lover - J.R. Ward "Wrath was six feet, six inches of pure terror dressed in leather. His hair was long and black, falling straight from a widow's peak. Wraparound sunglasses hid eyes that no one had ever seen revealed. Shoulders were twice the size of most males'. With a face that was both aristocratic and brutal, he looked like the king he was by birthright and the solider he'd become by destiny."*sigh*Fantastic start to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series! We get the world building, the awesome characters, the terrible bad guys, and an amazing main couple!Just! Perfect!The storyThe Black Dagger Brotherhood is the only force between vampires and the evil lessers. They are here to protect the vampire race, and lead them.Wrath is the only pure vampire left, he is their King, although he doesn't want to assume the role.After one of his closest friends gets killed by the evil enemy, Wrath decides to honor his friend's request, and protect his daughter, Beth.Beth doesn't know who her parents are, or that she is part vampire, but after a scary huge guy enters her apartment, her life completely changes. She is drawn to him sexually (how could she not be), and doesn't know what to believe when one of her cop friends accuses him of being a murderer. Wrath wants Beth, even though he doesn't want to, but he needs to protect her, and when her change hits, she will need his blood to up her chances of survival.Will he be able to stay away from her? Will he be able to watch her mated with someone else without ripping his throat out? We'll see :DDD"He had her on the bed and under him in a flash of movement, and he pushed up her skirt and tore off her panties with vicious impatience. He didn't treat her blouse or bra any better. There would be time to savor later. Now was all about raw sex."The world building - Excellent! There is a huge dictionary with everything explained in detail, so it REALLY helps, even though all of it is explained in the book as well, but my suggestion is to read it BEFORE you get to the book, you will understand everything a lot better :)How the vampire thing works - Well this will be explained in the book gradually, but the most important thing you need to know is that they DON'T DRINK FROM HUMANS. They can eat food just like normal people, but need blood to survive and stay strong, and that blood has to be from a vampire.They're BIG and BADASS, hmmm maybe HUGE and KICKASS would do better ahahhahahah, anyway, they don't do sunlight, and well, all the other tidbits you can find out for yourself :))))))The writing - This is VERY easy to read :) Well, at least for me :) I love the way they talk, and swear, and act. We get both MC POVs, even some from the supporting characters. Love that :DDDThe characters - We are introduced to a LOT of them in this first book. It's hard to keep up in the beginning, but with them having such unusual names, you'll have no problem remembering who's who :) The BDB guys are uber-interesting, and we meet some characters from the vampire nobility, as well as some humans that will appear later :))The bad guys, Mr. XYOPMGblablablablabla are pretty irritating :DDD but OK they're the bad guys, I guess it shouldn't be a shock ahahahha :D The sex - It's pretty hot, with lots of sex scenes, even though i admit it gets hotter in the next books :D Still, Wrath has that something, mmm mmm mmm