Simply Irresistible - Jill Shalvis This was my first Jill Shavis novel, and I really liked it :)If you're in the mood for something light, romantic and funny, this is your book :) The story - This is the first in the series, so we have introductions to all the characters, male and female. There are three sisters who inherited the Lucky Harbour Inn. They're estranged and want nothing to do with the place, all except Maddie. She's had some rough time in her past, an abusive ex, and a difficult job she got fired from. She wants to start life again, and thinks it's meant to be that her sisters and herself are left with the Inn. Jax, Ford and Sawyer are friends, actually something like blood brothers. They're gonna have their own books with the other sisters I think :) Anyway, comming to Lucky Harbour, Maddy almost ran over a biker guy, himself being Jax XD He likes her instantly and they bein to dance around each other :)Maddy - She's "The Mouse" as they referr to in the novel XD Quite timid, a total klutz, she manages to trip over everything in and out of her way heheh She's swarn off men (yeah right lol) and doesn't want to give in to the attraction she feels with Jax. Of course, that doesnt't work. At all. In between her fighting their chemistry, she's fighting to save the Inn, even though her sisters want to sell it. As time passes they bond as well, and she wants them to finally be a family.Jax - He's got so many personas it's hard to remember them all XD he's a biker hot guy, bartender, construction worker, lawyer and mayor (I think I forgot something, but hell even this is enough) He's charismatic, loved him with Maddy, every scene was bursting with chemistry :) He knows she's been hurt in the past, and even though she constantly insists they don't start anything, he's very persistent (heheh, go Jax!), and soon even he changes his mind about long-term relationships.Overall - It was a great read, very funny with a great romance, nothing serious or angsty about it, just pure romantic writing. At times it was extremly funny, I was bursting out laughing more than once, and boy, one scene brought tears to my eyes (from laughing, yes!). It was exactly what I needed to read, and it fulfilled my expectations completely. But still, it's 4 stars, don't know, it didn't rock my world or anything to get a shiny 5 from me, it was lovely and I really really liked it :) Favorite scenes- when she almost runs him over, than "talks" on her cellphone, only to recieve an actuall call, oh my I laughed at that hahah- the sisters decorating the christmas tree hahahah man what an imagination - an eyelash curler as decoration hahahah- when she calls Jax on the phone asking for his "mastery" hahahah that was just brilliant XDXDXD- when she sits on the washer (or drier, forgot what it was) and Jax commes in XD