Touch & Geaux - Abigail Roux And this book proves it.I am glad it wasn't smooth sailing for Ty and Zane, something like this was bound to happen, and in the end I think it even helped their relationship.But! What this book did to me???It was really, really hard to see them fighting and saying terrible things to each other.The angst was awful, there was a lot of it, and as the book went on, it just got worse and worse between them! And I just... I don't like to read stuff like that.This is my personal problem that has nothing to do with the book, I avoid angst like the plague, and having it here, and so much of it was NOT fun for me :(TYHe has a secret that comes out and drives a wedge between them.Actually, there are several secrets here.The first one, I don't find it that big of a deal.The second one is actually a good one, but the third is pretty bad.I hope there are no more secrets that I skipped ahahhahah Anyway, I understand his point, he just couldn't tell it to Zane, he was afraid how they'd end up.That part I totally get.BUT! After Zane KNEW the existence of that secret, and asked Ty to choose between keeping the secret and being with Zane, he still didn't say anything.Not good. Not good at all.Strangely, even with the fact that Zane was the injured party here, there was a lot of Ty suffering in the book.I did feel for him a lot through the book, and with what Zane did later on, they were BOTH jerks, and I can't say who I liked more in this book. Neither of them, I guess.ZANECuriosity killed the cat, and in this case, Zane's heart. He really, really wanted to know whatever it was that Ty was hiding from him, and finding it out... Well.Ignorance is bliss, I'd say.So, Zane is angry and hurt through most of the book, and it was horrible to read :(Every time they talked, it just got worse, and worse and worse, to the point I didn't even think a reconciliation was possible!Zane was the injured party, but like I said, he too acted like a JERK, trying to hurt Ty back :(Just terrible to read. Terrible.I liked the ending concerning Zane though. I'm glad the author did it, it really helps his character :)Liam Bell + all the other lost loves from their livesSorry.Liam was kinda irritating.The others... I just don't really care about them :DDDDDThe action/suspense/mystery/bad guys thingI have a puny brain that can't cope with a lot of twists and turns and jumps and the bad guys taking turns and I don't know what else.At one point, I had no idea what bad guy they decided to go up against and what were the plans to do it, I just read it to get it over with and get the happy end ahahhahah :DDDDThe happy times in the book + the endingAs always, I loved all the happy scenes in the book, even though there weren't that many and were mostly interrupted somehow (damn phone!!!!!).The photoshoot in the beginning is one of my favorite scenes :D Totally loved it, and what I would give to get a pic from that shoot!!!!! OMG!!!The ending! It is so great and amazing and frustrating at the same time!!!I love it! Finally! But I want more cause it's sort of a cliffie too!I will DIE until the next book!!!!!!! Anyway, I might have skipped a few important points, but I think I said what I wanted to say :DGreat book, but I doubt I'll ever read it again because I don't want to go through that angst and everything :(((*this is just me being a chicken, don't let it influence you cause I know you're all brave ;) **You know who you are