Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1) - Kim Dare Kim Dare + M/M + BDSM + shape-shifters + finally a longer book! =>Loved this one! And finally a good and LONG book by Kim Dare The story starts with Ori, a young, not fully formed shifter, being laughed at and treated horribly at the place he works. There he meets Raynard, a hawk shifter who takes him under his wing Raynard is a natural dominant, both hawk and human, and he can't help but feel the need to protect Ori, and at the same time want to have him as his submissive. Ori was raised without knowing his true form, the elders proclaimed him a duck, so he has served the righer ranks, in whatever way they wanted. Poor guy, I just loved him from page one He goes to live with Raynard and work as his servant, later accepting to have a D/s relationship with him :) I liked the way Raynard treated him, as most of KD's doms, he was just great. Ori, did I mention I loved him?? Yes! He's just that sweet There was one scene when Raynard came home and found blood all over his house. Man, that one just cramped my stomack! And later, after Ori's first full shift I just wanted to cry for him. And I wanted to kick Raynard's ass!!! Anyway, I'm not a big fan of 24/7 dom/sub relationships, although KD writes them so well :) I basically read this for the characters :) And here they were great :) BTW, all the while reading this, it was going to have 4 stars. No doubt about it. But then one perfect sentence/thought by Raynard changed this to a 5 brilliant stars! Just can't believe it happened, I've read some bdsm books, but that scenario (even in thought) was not seen often (if ever).Here's a spoiler, but if you haven't read the book I'd recommend not to read it. Raynard knew Ori couldn't be his submissive any longer, it wasn't in the true nature of his kind, and he realised he loved him so much that he'd do anything, even change himself to be able to be with him, and knowing that he and his animal would probably go crazy being a submissive, but he was willing to do it :) I just loved him for it, and that made me love the book ten times more