Mountain Prey - Lyn Gala This book... The author... The plot... The humor...I'm gonna keep this short...- I absolutely and totally loved this book- The writing is fantastic, and I mean really awesome- The humor, OMG amazing I was laughing like crazy through half the book- The sex was UBER-hot, totally loved it!- The plot! AhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaI had no idea what it was actually about and when it came, ahahhahahaha OMG it was brilliant!!! Absolutely brilliant and I'm not going to say what it was cause it should be a surprise but, BRAVO to the author for that idea ahahhahahahah :DDD- I totally recommend this book to every M/M fan out there, and yeah, this one would be great for beginners cause it's funny but still hot and not overwhelming or too dramatic or I don't know what :)))So go.Read it!